Saturday, October 14, 2006

Congressman Mark Foley demonstrates need for new law to protect children from perverts.

The New York Times Article by Jeff Zeleny published on October 12, 2006 stated—"A longtime aide to former Representative Mark Foley testified before the House ethics committee for nearly five hours on Thursday, repeating under oath his account of having explicitly warned Speaker J. Dennis Hastert’s office at least three years ago that Mr. Foley should be told to keep his distance from Congressional pages.

The aide, Kirk Fordham, was the first sworn witness to appear before the bipartisan ethics panel, which is investigating whether any Republican leaders knew about Mr. Foley’s conduct, which was ultimately exposed in a series of sexually explicit exchanges with former pages, and whether anything was done about it"

When will government officials learn to stop hiding secrets to protect their cronies. A Federal Law is needed to punish government officials or any individual who attempts to hide crimes against children. It’s horrid to think that Speaker J. Dennis Hastert’s office didn’t act to stop Foley three years ago. What other crimes against children are being kept secret in government, business and communities.

These crimes need to be immediately reported to stop the abuse of perverts on America’s greatest asset…our children. Support a new law by going to

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