Saturday, October 14, 2006

Story Behind Child Safe Petition

Child pornographer never listed as a sex offender for over 5 years.

Today he is charged with having 71 child pornography photos on his computer in his office at the Austin State Hospital (Texas Department of Health). The hospital has adolescent patients (boys & girls) up to 12 years old. It would be no surprise if some of the children are psychiatric patients because of abuse from sexual predators.

In 2000, he was found to have 5 photos of child pornography on his computer at a hospital in the Texas Panhandle. He was employed as the Chief Financial Officer and the hospital administration attempted to cover up the crime by sealing the 5 photos in an envelope, allowing a written resignation letter and paying over $11,000 in severance pay.

Fourteen months later, a hospital board member (a licensed family counselor) went with a group of citizens to meet with the District Attorney about malfeasance at the hospital. During the meeting, the DA explained to the board member that he was deceived when the hospital administration said it was "against the law to say anything about the child pornography" because it was told to the board member in an executive session.

The FBI became involved. Finally, the alleged child pornographer appeared in court in Hutchinson County. They located him in Austin where he was employed at the Austin State Hospital. On October 3, 2003, the Hutchinson County court slapped his hand with a $1000 fine for misuse of a computer, $278 court cost and a 3 year probation. He returned to work at Austin State Hospital.

In July 2005, the 71 child pornography photos his office computer at ASH resulted in his arrest. On October 30, 2004 his trial begins in Travis County (Austin, Texas).

There were no criminal consequences for the hospital administrator and attorney for their actions. There is no Texas law that prevents this travesty from happening in the future. The goal of the online petition is to pass a Federal law that will punish individuals who do not disclose crimes against children. Legislators will be contacted with your signatures and actions will continue until a law is in force.

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